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  • You get up in the morning. You make a pot of coffee. You pour it into a mug that says "#1 Grandma" or "Hang in there!" with a picture of a cat holding onto a tree branch. This is a gentle way to get going on a workday. But you don't have to coddle yourself. Instead, consider starting your morning in a fit of stark terror as you sip your java from a striking zombie-head mug. Now you're truly awake.
  • This exotic mug is made of high quality resin with stainless steel liner , made of safe material.It features a creepy staring eye, a horrible facial wound, and shriveled skin . You can fill it with your favorite beverage. Or brains if you're into that sort of thing.
  • This limited CREPPY mug is hand crafted by proffesional artisans has a perfect finished and insane details.

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